Suzy shows off her trademark innocent “first love” visuals against the backdrop of a sunset on the beach 

The “nation’s first love” Suzy boasts her pure beauty on the beach. 

On June 20th, Suzy shared new daily-life photos on her personal Instagram. The photos show Suzy sitting on the beach with a beautiful sunset in the background. 

Suzy’s dreamy visuals became the center of attention. The “nation’s first love” shows off her trademark innocent beauty with a soft smile and long black hair fluttered by the sea breeze, drawing admiration from fans and netizens. Her cute expression, as if she was thinking about something, is simply too pretty to handle.

suzy instagram

Although these are just ordinary photos taken with the sunset in the background, Suzy’s refreshing and innocent visuals are radiant, even when she only had little makeup on. In particular, her flawless, distinct facial features and adorable, playful expressions make fans fall in love. 

suzy instagram

Netizens showed explosive reactions to Suzy’s post such as “Suzy is a goddess. Her innocent vibes are unmatched”, “Visuals of an actress”, and “It’s just a daily life photo but looks like a pictorial”.

Meanwhile, Suzy is about to make a long-awaited drama comeback. She will appear in Coupang Play’s original series ‘Anna‘, which will premiere on June 24th. 

Source: insight

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