Super Junior talked about their rumored dispute: “We beat each other, the team almost disbanded”

The group Super Junior members talked about the controversial video of their team’s alleged clash.

In the 22nd episode of “Sun Mi‘s Showterview,” released on Dec 22nd, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Shin Dong and Dong Hae appeared as guests.

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In this interview, Sun Mi and the Super Junior members mentioned a past video on music show that has caused rumors of a dispute happening inside Super Junior. The Super Junior members, who won the weekly music chart with “Mr. Simple” in 2011, seemed to have fought during the acceptance speech. Rumors of “Eun Hyuk being bullied” went viral on real-time search terms shortly after the broadcast.

Shin Dong recalled the time, saying, “It was to the point that our team might disband after that incident.” Lee Teuk said, “At that time, the PD in charge scolded us saying, ‘What is that attitude when you guys won the cup?'” and said, “The cause of that fight was Dong Hae.”

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Lee Teuk explained the background of the incident, saying, “We had a collaboration stage with f(x), but it was canceled due to Luna’s ankle injury. I then tried to revive the atmosphere, and when it got better, I laid down with a blanket covering my face. But someone kept pranking by pouring water on my face. I warned the culprit with a straight face, but I was so angry as they still continued the prank.”

It was Dong Hae that continued to play the prank despite Lee Teuk’s warning, and Kyu Hyun, who joined at the end, was pointed out as the culprit.

Lee Teuk said, “I rolled up the blanket and threw it at Dong Hae, but he said it wasn’t him. Eun Hyuk, who was next to me, caught my eye. I thought that he was holding back his laughter, so I hit the back of his head hard, but it wasn’t Eun Hyuk either. In the end, Kyu Hyun confessed that he did it and I slapped him,” he confessed. Kyu Hyun, who was slapped in the face, shockingly said, “You shouldn’t do this,” but Lee Teuk, who couldn’t bend his pride, shocked Kyu Hyun by slapping him once again.

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Leeteuk and Kyuhyun dramatically reconciled and returned to the waiting room. However, Eun Hyuk, who was hit out of nowhere, was still angry. Like that, Super Junior went on stage without relieving their dispute, which was why they couldn’t laugh even after winning the cup.

Shin Dong tried to revive the atmosphere somehow as soon as they won, but they all ignored him. “I was angry, too. I came back to the waiting room and got angry, saying, ‘Crazy XXs, are you guys professionals ot not?’ I kicked the box and of all things, the coke inside exploded and splashed onto Ye Sung. From here, the fight spread to me and Yesung,” he said.

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After the music show, Super Junior has another filming schedule for “Dream Team”. Shin Dong said, “We said nothing to each other on the car for 3 hours. But when we won the game that day as a team, all the members cried. It feels like we topped the Billboard chart,” he recalled. Sun Mi nodded, saying, “I think I know what it feels like.”

In the end, Shin Dong said, “I prepared a reconciliation project because I thought I take it anymore while looking at Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk. I bought chicken and soju and took them to the Han River. We went and hugged and cried and made up. But since they didn’t drink, I was the only one who was drunk,” he said, drawing laughter.

Source: Mydaily

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