Fans’ mixed reactions to former Wonder Girls’ Sunye resuming her activities in Korea after 10 years of marriage

As Sunye, who left for Canada after getting married, announces her return, fans’ reactions are mixed. Will she be able to promote in Korea like she did in her prime?

Former Wonder Girls’ member Sunye is starting to return to the Korean entertainment industry in earnest 10 years after she got married and moved to Canada. Sunye returned to idol group activities through tvN’s “Mama The Idol” last year. This time, she’s moved to Korea and announced her comeback with musicals, gaining attention. 

Sunye will return in the musical ‘Ruth’, which premieres on March 5th. ‘Ruth’ is a work that sheds light on the life of Ruth, a woman who overcomes life’s adversities and hardships through her love based on the Bible’s ‘Book of Ruth’. Sunye is set to take on the role of Ruth, the main character, on the stage. This is Sunye’s first musical.


As well as her appearance in ‘Ruth’, Sunye recently settled back in Korea. Earlier, she appeared on MBC radio FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Song of Hope at Noon’, which aired on February 1st. On the radio, Sunye said, “I don’t want to move internationally again,” which led her to settle back in Korea.  As she is settling down in Korea, she is doing a musical and accelerating her activities.

Of course, fans of Sunye from her Wonder Girls days are happy to hear that Sunye will be back on stage. However, some can’t happily welcome her back because Sunye left Wonder Girls after getting married. 


Sunye announcing her marriage and leaving for Canada during Wonder Girls’ heyday is deemed irresponsible. After Sunye’s departure, Wonder Girls took a break from their activities during the peak time of their career, and eventually disbanded in 2017. Therefore, fans are bound to call out Sunye for being irresponsible. 

After appearing on a broadcast in September of last year, Sunye said on SNS, “Of course, I think it was my selfish choice. I continuously discussed and apologized to the members and the company, who were going through it together. I’m grateful for them for recognizing my decision to get married. I owe my members and the company for the rest of my life.”

Sunye, who is ready to settle down in Korea and return to the entertainment industry after 10 years of marriage, is raising interest in whether she will be able to meet fans again with her activities like in her prime amidst the mixed reactions. 

Source: Daum

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