Sunmi’s controversial Instagram post of her bruised knees

Many think that she is complaining in order to got the attention.

Recently, Sun Mi uploaded a photo of her bruised knees onto Instagram with a caption: “My knees are always bruised”. Those are from her dance practice. The post immediately became the center of attention between netizens. Many even criticized Sun Mi.

Sunmi’s controversial Instagram post of her bruised knees
Sun Mi’s controversial photo

Some expressed their opinion that Sun Mi is just a singer with no vocal skill and only depends on her dance to be famous, if she is hurt during a dance practice, she should just accept it. Her complaining online is only seen as “hungry for attention”. 

Some comments on Naver said: “It was you who want to got the attention for your kneeling dance, weren’t you? Because your singing skill is terrible”, “Have you seen Kang Soo Jin and Park Ji Sung’s legs? So hungry for attention”, “Aren’t you trying to make money? Many are working even harder than you at construction site with much worse condition. Of course Sun Mi is also trying her best to have the best performance, but I don’t understand why she has to complaint about this”…

Sunmi’s controversial Instagram post of her bruised knees
Sunmi legs are pretty but always bruised during dance practice.

However, Sun Mi fans are also defending her. Many affirmed that Sun Mi is much better now with her live vocal, and she always tries her best to bring the best performances to her fans. Sun Mi is never afraid of doing kneeling or heavy moves, even though those bruises her legs even more. On Instagram, fans assured and hopes that Sun Mi could focus more on her health and could soon return to the stage.

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