Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) proves her global influence as the sole Korean artist on the list of candidates for 2022 “Dazed 100” 

It reflects Soyeon’s journey of ongoing success with her group, (G)I-DLE, as an idol and songwriter. 

The British magazine Dazed has released candidates for the 2022 “Dazed 100″ list with Soyeon being the sole Korean artist to be named.

“Her still-ascending career peppered with steep learning curves and creative speed bumps”, said her description on Dazed, written by Taylor Glasby.

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Image: Cube Entertainment 

The text continued, “Soyeon is kicking down long-guarded doors for generations of women K-pop idols yet to come.”

Meanwhile, “Dazed 100” is the next generation of 100 people from various occupational groups that constitute a common youth culture. It is a campaign to select the best candidates through direct voting by the public. This year’s top 100 will be decided through an online vote that runs until midnight on May 21th. Anyone can vote.

Source: dispatch

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