Song Joong Ki gives an update on the filming for “My Name Is Loh Ki Wan” in Hungary 

The filming started in earnest. 

On February 24th, Song Joong Ki uploaded a photo of the clapperboard for Netflix movie “My Name is Loh Ki Wan” on his Instagram. The writing on the board read, “Start filming in Hungary.”

Song Joong Ki

Earlier, Song Joong Ki left for Hungary on February 16th for the filming project with his spouse Katy Louise Saunders.

“My Name is Loh Ki Wan” starring Song Joong Ki is based on an original novel and depicts the love and farewell of a North Korean defector Loh Ki Wan, who arrives in Belgium with the the hope for citizenship to settle down in the country. In contrast, Mari, who already received Belgium citizenship, does not have a reason to live.

Ro Ki-Wan cast

Song Joong Ki and Choi Sung Eun were casted as Loh Ki Wan and Mari, a North Korean defector and shooter respectively. 

Jo Han Chul and Lee Il Hwa were cast as Mari’s father and mother Yoon Sung and Jeong Ju, and actress Kim Sung Ryung was cast as Ok Hee, Loh Ki Wan’s mother.

Acress Lee Sang Hee plays the Korean-Chinese shipowner who works at a Belgian factory with Ki Wan, and actor Seo Hyun Woo plays the role of Ki Wan’s maternal uncle Eun Cheol.

Source: wikitree

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