Son Seok Koo Clarifies Controversial ‘Fake Acting’ Remark, Apologizes to Nam Myung Ryul in Handwritten Letter

Son Seok Koo addressed the controversy surrounding his “fake acting” remarks.

On July 23rd, Son Seok Koo appeared on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom.’

When asked about the controversy over his theatrical acting remarks, Son Seok Koo responded, “About 10 years ago, when I first started acting, I felt pressured to conform to certain standardized acting approaches while striving to become a good actor. Looking back, I don’t think that was truly the case. It was more due to my immaturity and stubbornness at the time. However, this experience became the driving force behind the realization that I should have my own style. Even now, when choosing roles, I think about this aspect a lot.”

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He continued, “Some of my remarks were misunderstood, possibly due to my use of inappropriate language, casually uttered as examples or in conversations with fellow actors. I personally thought it was understandable and have since reflected on it.

Son Seok Koo further explained, “I also wrote a handwritten letter to Nam Myung Ryul sunbaenim and apologized. He saw it and understood my feelings, responding with a letter. He will come to watch my play too. I’m curious about his comments after watching the play. There might be positive or negative feedback, but I believe it will all contribute to my growth. It’s like sprinkling water on fertile ground.

Last month, during a press conference for the play “Army on the Tree,” on the 27th, Son Seok Koo said, “Nine years ago, while doing theater, they said acting is like whispering love, but why make me do fake acting when I could just wear a microphone (to be heard)? I couldn’t understand that. So I quit and went into films.”

In response, senior actor Nam Myung Ryul expressed his discomfort and said, “If you hadn’t had that concern while doing theater, you would have focused solely on theater. Just say, ‘After trying it out, I found that media acting suits me better.’ There are many actors who can fill 350 seats even when they whisper. Defining what real acting is when all acting involves portraying fictional characters is an absurd notion.” 

Source: Daum. 

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