So SM also misses Taeyeon-Jessica couple as fans do

The recent action of SM on Instagram surprises many fans

Recently, a fan posted a photo of Taeyeon and Jessica performing at HEC event in Vietnam in March 2014. Although this was just a edited photo, it gained a lot of attention. Some fans left comments like: “really? I miss them…”. Towards the shippers of SNSD vocal couple, nothing was strange until the official account of SM “liked” this comment.
A comment from a fan was “liked” by SM’s official account, which has a blue stick beside its account name.
Even though we don’t know whether SM did it on purpose or someone just made a mistake, this action excited many fans as no one had ever knew that even SM would also indirectly admit its “nostalgia” about Taeyeon and Jessica.
So does SM also miss Taeyeon and Jessica, but they don’t want to admit?

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