Singer and actor Do Kyung-soo shows unexpected relationship with Zico in Zico’s latest “Give Me A Minute” interview segment 

Do Kyung-soo, Zico, Crush and Choi Jung-hoon are set to appear in new SBS variety show as the 92 liners. 

Singer and actor Do Kyung-soo (D.O.) has confirmed his appearance in SBS’s new entertainment show, along with Zico and Crush, boasting a surprising friendly connection. 


According to JoyNews24, on the 4th, 92-born celebrities, including Do Kyung-soo, are preparing to shoot a new variety shows on SBS with comedians Lee Yong-jin, Yang Se-chan, and former “Running Man” PD.

The 92 liners are known to include rapper Zico, singer-songwriter Crush, singer and actor Do Kyung-soo, and vocalist Choi Jung-hoon from the rock band Jannabi. While Zico, Crush, and Choi Jung-hoon were born in 1992 and are in the same age, Do Kyung-soo is said to be friends with them because he has an “early birthday” (January of 1993.)

D.O Zico

This peer group also attended the wedding of actors Choi Tae-joon and Park Shin-hye. When Do Kyung-soo and Crush sang at the wedding, Zico reportedly wrote a letter and read it for the newlyweds.

On social media, Lee Teuk (Super Junior) also drew attention by posting the entire duet version of of Do Kyung-soo and Crush performing “Beautiful.” Upon seeing the video, many said the performance was an “unexpected combination” because of their different personalities. 

D.O Zico

Do Kyung-soo recently appeared on Zico’s YouTube channel when Zico visited the waiting room of the drama “Bad Proscutor,” which brought the actor Do Kyung-soo three awards at the 2022 “KBS Drama Awards,” and conducted an interview.

D.O Zico

They subsequently made a heart pose together to express a close relationship for netizens who were wondering.

Do Kyung-soo then said, “People get surprised when I tell them we’re [Kyung-soo and Zico] close, because we are so different” to which Zico responded, “Like a gentleman and a troublemaker?” 

D.O Zico

Do Kyung-soo debuted as a member of EXO under the stage name D.O. and became a popular idol. After the craze for the song “Growl,” EXO became one of the major third-generation idol groups. D.O. later works as a soloist and released his solo songs as well as performed in OSTs.


Do Kyung-soo made his acting debut as the son of Sun-hee (Yum Jung-ah), in the 2014 movie “Cart.” Do Kyung-soo auditioned for the role through image casting although he had no experience in the field but managed to receive favorable reviews for his performance in that debut. He later appeared in the movie hit “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days” that attracted 10 million viewers. 

D.O. Bad Prosecutor thumbnail

Do Kyung-soo is establishing himself as a capable actor with the upcoming lead roles in the sci-fi movie “The Moon” and romantic fantasy movie “Secret: Untold Melody.” 

As a member of EXO, D.O. is also making a comeback as a group, announced by the leader Suho in his Instagram. Since Baekhyun is being discharged in Febuary, fans are excited about the upcoming comeback. 

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