SHINee’s Key Recalled Being Burnout, “I Cried In The Elevator”

SHINee’s Key expressed the difficulties he experienced while working on his schedule 

On October 5th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel “Everyday is Thursday Night” with singer Key appearing as a guest.

In the video, when asked if he had a burnout, Key said, “Since I have reached this period of my career, I should be able to take a rest,” adding, “After work, I need to take a rest, but the company has an annual plan. I heard that if we delay my 2nd solo mini album, I’ll have to wait till next year. It’s my choice. To be honest, how can I wait until next year? So I decided to just do it.”

Key then said, “Honestly, the burnout has rather passed. I’m just doing it right now. If the song was also a combative song, it would have been very difficult.”

“I’m afraid I’m too busy to go back to my normal life,” Key said of his troubles. “I’ve never done that before. Once, during a shoot in the middle of this year, I told my manager, “I really can’t do the shoot,” and I got on the elevator, and I cried a lot. It’s not like something sad happened, but it poured out,” he said, showing regret.

shinee key

The singer then added, “Did I reach such a limit? I didn’t know I was struggling. I thought only my body was tired. So now, I’m like, “What if I do this? What if I do this until next year? I’m slowly worried about what if I can’t rest.”

Afterwards, Key said in a final greeting, “I’m working hard to death, but it’s not enough for me to collapse. Don’t worry too much,” he said, reassuring the fans.

Source: starnewskorea

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