Samsung model BTS Suga who shouted “No iPhone”…His reaction after receiving “Anycall”

BTS Suga, who showed extraordinary love for “Samsung Electronics”, was greatly amazed at the Anycall cell phone at the concert hall.

BTS Suga performed at the Oakland Arena in Oakland, California, USA on May 17th (local time).


Suga provided a special fan service to the fandom “ARMY” who came to concerts in his world tour.

It was to take selfies with fans’ cell phones. However, Suga made a condition that he would take pictures only for those who use Galaxy phones released by Samsung Electronics.

This is because Suga’s group BTS is an advertising model for the Galaxy series released by Samsung Electronics.


At a solo concert in Newark, New Jersey last month, Suga caused laughter by telling the audience, “Give me Galaxy only. No iPhone.”

Afterwards, fans from all over the world who came to Suga’s concerts asked Suga to take their Galaxy phones to take pictures.


In the midst of this, a foreign fan made Suga burst into laughter by giving him Samsung’s “Anycall” cell phone, which was very popular in the 2000s.

Before the concert began, she attached “Antique Galaxy” in large letters to her Anycall cell phone and waited for Suga to take a picture with her cell phone.


While the concert was in full swing, Suga conducted a self-camera time. Finding the Anycall cell phone, Suga could not hold back his laughter as he walked towards the fan. Suga, who finally received the Anycall cell phone, looked around and smiled brightly.

Suga showed off his extraordinary love for fans by taking a self-camera video with the Anycall phone.

Fans showed reactions such as “It’s amazing to have Anycall“, “It’s like a relic, but it still works“…

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