“Ryu Jun Yeol’s girlfriend” Hye Ri shared her surprisingly cold head: “Won’t continue if the 2nd episode is still not fun”

Singer and actress Hye Ri talked about her drama taste.

On Nov 13th, Wavve’s official YouTube channel uploaded a “Pick Wavve” video titled, “A story about confessing her taste and immediately apologizing? We are hit by Hye Ri’s mature senior charm“.

In this video, Hye Ri and Lee Joon Young played a balance game. During the game was a question that asked them to choose between “Keep watching vs. Quit, if the show I have watched up to episode 2 is still not fun at all.

Lee Joon Young, who chose the former, was surprised by Hye Ri, who chose the latter. Hye Ri explained, “My time is precious.” On the other hand, Lee Joon Young said, “I see it as loyalty. I started to watch the show and I’m curious about the background,” he said. He added, “If I start, I will watch till the end.

The actors are then asked, “What is your favorite show on Wavve?”.

Hye Ri, who was agonizing, said, “For me, it’s HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’. Actually, I haven’t finished the show yet,” she added with a smile. When Lee Joon Young asked, “Did you drop iy?” Hye Ri said, “Not that I drop it, but there are too many seasons and too many episodes, I can’t remember which part I previously stopped at, so I watch it again, and I forget again, and repeat that situation.” Hye Ri said, “I think I’ve seen the show about three times, but I haven’t finished it yet. I still don’t know the contents of the second half yet, so it’s still very fun for me.

Lee Joon Young picked SBS’s “Let Me Be Your Knight” in which he starred. He explained, “I like the music that comes out in that show rather than the fact that I starred in that show.” Lee Joon Young practiced the guitar very hard for his role. “It’s blistering,” he said, adding, “I remember working hard at that time.” In response, Hye Ri drew laughter by re-picking KBS2’s “Moonshine” as her favorite.

Meanwhile, Hye Ri and Lee Joon Young are performing their best together on MBC’s “May I Help You?” “May I Help You?” is a drama about the funeral director Baek Dong Ju (Hye Ri), who can talk to the dead, and deacon Kim (Lee Joon Young), an employee of “One Hundred Won Butler,” and how they fulfill the request of the deceased. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 p.m.

Sources: nate

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