RM’s (BTS) response to being nominated as “co-CEO” of Twitter, fans were surprised at his quick grasp of current events 

The survey on Elon Musk’s resignation took a turn as BTS’ RM was nominated as “co-CEO.”

After Elon Musk created a poll to survey the users’ opinions regarding his resignation, celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast have aimed to take over the “empire.” DJ Swivel, writer of Jung Kook’s (BTS) “Euphoria” suggested BTS should head Twitter with Elon Musk as “co-CEO.”

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Fans mused about the possibility of CEO RM might in the future 

As soon as the news reached Elon Musk, he unhesitantly commented on DJ Swivel’s post, saying: “Great idea.” Later, BTS’ leader RM captured the aforementioned exchange and uploaded it on his Instagram story with a “laugh-cry” emoji. 

Upon seeing the story, ARMYs took turn speculating how RM could have received the information when he has long been inactive on social media. Some jokingly said it was because of the HYBE’s staff “working overtime” to give the latest update to the idols. 

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