Resale prices of BLACKPINK’s Taiwan concert tickets rose to 16 million won, Ministry of Culture steps in

According to Taiwanese media on March 6th, the resale prices of tickets for BLACKPINK’s World Tour concert scheduled for the 18th and 19th in Kaohsiung, Taiwan have soared to 45 times regular prices.

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Tickets for BLACKPINK concert were originally sold at 8,800 TWD (about 370,000 won) each but it has reportedly been traded at up to 400,000 TWD (about 16.97 million won), 45 times higher than the original price.

Earlier on November 26th and 27th last year, Super Junior held “Super Show 9: Road” concert at Taipei Arena. Tickets for this show were 5,800 TWD (about 240,000 won) but the resale price was 17 times higher, which was 100,000 TWD (about 4.24 million won).

Taiwanese media pointed out the situation in which tickets are resold at high prices whenever a popular K-pop concert is held.

black pink

Moreover, the highest price for a ticket to the concert of famous Chinese star Jolin Tsai held at the end of last year and early this year also increased 28 times from 4,900 TWD (about 200,000 won) to 138,000 TWD (about 5.85 million won) in the resale market.

Many netizens have proposed the restriction of resale for cultural performances using the system of ticketing requiring real name identity.

In response to the demand for a real-name ticketing system, some related companies responded that it was not easy due to the increased time and manpower to check ticket information when entering concert halls. However, other companies believe that the real-name ticketing system would definitely be effective in preventing ticket resale and fans also prefer the system.

In the meantime, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture said that they had already held four meetings about the ticketing issue and three consultative meetings with related organizations and companies.

The Ministry of Culture added that they would continue to cooperate with event organizers to find out an effective solution to the ticket fraud and resale issues.

Source: Wowtv 

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