Releasing a 9-second video to promote for Vivo, Lisa (BLACKPINK) climbed to the top trending again, garnered huge views

The chosen representative Lisa never disappoints brands.

All 4 members of BLACKPINK have been uncovered many times that they use the iPhone when working as a brand ambassador for Samsung, but until now only Lisa has not publicly used it.

She is currently the representative of the Chinese phone brand Vivo, the company has just released its new product line, Vivo S10 on July 15. Previously, Lisa also represented the previous product lines, Vivo S7 and Vivo S9.

Just a few hours after being posted on Weibo by Vivo, the video promoting for Vivo S10 had been garnering nearly 600K views and hundreds of thousands of re-shares. Not only that, the hashtag Lisa and Vivo S10 were also made to trend by fans.

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With Lisa’s popularity, the brand will certainly not be disappointed when her images, videos, and products are attracting thousands of views as a result of Blinks’ quickly sharing and re-uploading on many platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

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Source: K14

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