Red Velvet’s extremely mysterious concepts give viewers goosebumps

It’s definitely not wrong to say that Red Velvet is one of the girl groups with the most unique concepts in K-pop.

Red Velvet is one of the cult K-pop groups, loved by many for their beautiful looks and outstanding talent. SM‘s beauties always attract the online community with diverse concepts that create the group’s own character. In particular, the most prominent is creating a ghostly and mysterious image.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet is very suitable for mysterious concepts. 

Recently, Red Velvet made fans excited when they announced that they would return to the K-pop race. The girls have teased The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm, which will be released on March 21st. What makes fans even more interested is that the group’s concept this time is very special and worth looking forward to.

Accordingly, the girls transformed into dolls in a music box. Seeing the group’s image, people couldn’t help but marvel at their top-notch, eye-catching beauty. The Red Velvet members wore pink and white two-tone mini skirts, posing like professional ballet dancers. However, although the 5 girls are very beautiful and charming, the fans can’t help but feel kind of “scared” because of these mysterious expressions.

Bad Boy was once voted by netizens as the MV with the best concept of Red Velvet. This is the title song of the album The Perfect Red Velvet, released in 2018. Not only achieving high results on the charts, this product also attracts fans thanks to its unique concept. 

Red Velvet
Bad Boy is one of Red Velvet’s most successful products.

The group brought up a magical image that made viewers goosebumps. In the MV, the 5 members all have beautiful, seductive shapes, evoking the beauty of the ladies in the 80s. Besides, what attracts viewers is the content of the MV. Fans also believe that the identities of the members in Bad Boy are vampires.

Peek-A-Boo is the song representing the group’s “Velvet” color which was released in 2017. Watching the MV, it’s hard for fans to take their eyes off the mysterious, terrifyingly seductive concept. With this song, Red Velvet seems to bring Halloween-themed images, creating a creepy feeling. 

Besides, the image of the 5 girls makes the MV even more magical and attractive. The members turned into mysterious girls in red dresses.

Really Bad Boy is no less horror than previous Red Velvet products. Although this song was released in November, many people regret that if it was released on Halloween, it would be viral. When admiring the song, fans thought that they were immersed in the Halloween carnival once again.

The images of the idols in the MV are full of magic and charm, making the audience feel chill in their spines. The ReVeluv (Red Velvet fandom) think that they are enjoying a grand and equally creepy Halloween party.

Referring to Red Velvet‘s unique concepts, the name Psycho is indispensable in the list. Ever since the SM girl group released a teaser photo, people have been gasping for breath at the bizarre idea. The female idols have had the image of a “dark bride” that haunts the viewers. In addition, the mysterious and aristocratic makeup of the idols also caught the audience’s attention.

Besides, netizens can’t help but be attracted by the song’s addictive yet equally charming melody. The color of the MV is also quite impressive with the main black and gray color, creating a mysterious and bizarre feeling.

When preparing for a comeback with Queendom in August 2021, Red Velvet also constantly attracted attention when releasing teaser photos. The group’s fans are no stranger to the group’s monstrous and ghostly concept and this time the girls did not disappoint. Accordingly, the SM girl group impresses with the concept of giants in the city.

Red Velvet
Queendom is rated less “horror” than other products. 

It’s not wrong to say that Red Velvet is one of the girl groups with the most unique concepts in K-pop. The girls always bring fans new and creative styles. Although many people were “scared” when they saw the group’s concept series, they could not hide their excitement at these images.

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