Red Velvet has made the first comeback after nearly 2 years with a breathtakingly beautiful music video

With the return of Red Velvet, the Kpop race is hotter than ever this summer!

With the release of the MV Queendom on August 16, Red Velvet officially returned to the Kpop race. This is the official comeback product of the SM girl group after 1 year and 8 months since Psycho. Red Velvet revealed that the members are as anxious as they were when they initially debuted as this is their first comeback after a long time.

“Queendom,” a delightful pop dance single composed by minGtion, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, and Ellen Berg, has an addictive melody that is intensified further by the members’ vibrant voices. Jo Yoon Kyung’s lyrics convey the concept that we are all “queens” in our own lives, and that we shine brighter when we gather together.

All Red Velvet members flaunted their stunning attractiveness in the MV. In addition to Irene’s already well-known visual, the other members also showed their increasing levels of charm. In the MV, the members’ fruit-like beauty was also enhanced by the brightly colored background.

Besides the catchy rap part, the “La di la du ba ba di la” spell will definitely be stuck in the audience’s head. Wendy’s sweet high notes, in particular, brought the song to new levels.

A definitive Red song, ‘Queendom’ is a track that’s sure to contend as one of the songs of 2021. And where else would they reign as queens than in the hearts of their fans, which is perfectly encapsulated in the verse “the moment our hands touch, that’s our queendom”!

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