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“Recently sent to heaven” BLACKPINK Jennie makes a heartbreaking confession about her dog Kai

BLACKPINK member Jennie recently bid farewell to her dog.

On May 26th, a video featuring BLACKPINK Jennie’s guest appearance was uploaded to the YouTube channel Kang Hyung Wook’s Caring TV. In the video, Jennie appeared with her dog Kuma.

During conversations about pets, Kang Hyung Wook asked, “Is there anything you were curious about while raising Kuma?” Unexpectedly, Jennie revealed that her first pet, Kai, had passed away recently.

Jennie said, “I recently sent my first baby (Jennie’s dog Kai) to heaven, and the second one, Kuma, had a hard time because of it.” She wondered, “Is there any comfort I can provide to Kuma…”


She also said, “I haven’t talked about this anywhere else, actually. If I were to say it, I wanted to talk about it in front of (Kang Hyung Wook). My family felt that Kuma was feeling down a lot.” She showed sadness.

Kang Hyung Wook explained, “The second dog has an unintentionally strong attachment to the first dog. Usually, they follow and imitate like a mother… But the first dog is no longer there. That’s why it’s difficult for the second dog.


He then asked, “But humans have a harder time. Is your mother okay?” Jennie replied, “Actually, my mother and I didn’t talk or have any conversation for a while. Our emotions were too intense. It took some time for us to talk about it.” 

Source: Wikitree. 

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