“Reborn Rich” actor Kang Ki Dong, “My father drives a taxi, and he brags about me to the customers”

Actor Kang Ki Dong, who made headlines with as many as three works in 2022, talked about the old year and expectations for the new year.

Kang Ki Dong, who met with Ten Asia in a neat suit, told his deep stories under the theme “Thankful 2022, Exciting 2023”.

Kang Ki Dong played the one and only comic character Jin Hyung Joon in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”. In the drama, he not only dressed like an idol but also gave warm advice to his younger brother Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki). His character literally reflects the trends of the times, adding warmth to the story.

Regarding his Seo Taiji & Boys and H.O.T makeups in “Reborn Rich”, Kang Ki Dong said, “I was very embarrassed during the shoot. There was a scene where our family members have a meal together and I was the only person in red clothes. Since everyone in the chaebol family appears in elegant and luxurious outfits, I was afraid that I would stand out alone. Luckily, the director skillfully handled the scene.”

He continued, “Friends in my hometown saw my character in ‘Reborn Rich’ and contacted me, saying ‘That’s exactly what you did at karaoke when you were in elementary and middle schools’. I lived in Jeju so I couldn’t follow the singers. But I liked them a lot. I even memorized their lyrics”.

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Regarding Song Joong Ki, who plays his younger brother in the drama, Kang Ki Dong said, “I didn’t meet him often, but he took good care of me every time we were on the set together. We have several mutual acquaintances. He’s older than me and a senior, so I was very worried about playing his older brother in the drama. However, I was able to perform comic acting because Song Joong Ki told me to do that comfortably.”

Some of his lines in “Reborn Rich” made hot topics. Kang Ki Dong picked “Let’s not live in hell because of money” as the most impressive line to him. 

He once again expressed his feelings after the drama ended. The actor said, “I think Hyung Joon was very sincere when saying those words. I came out of the chaebol family and chose music because he didn’t want to live a life fighting his own family members for money. I think that line expresses Hyung Joon’s warm heart so well”.

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After gaining recognition through “Reborn Rich”, Kang Ki Dong made the second consecutive hit with SBS’s “The First Responders”. He said, “I often played a friend or a helper of the main characters. I hope I can work with the one top leading actor Kim Rae Won more. I learned many things from him”.

He added, “I’m quite close with the actors in ‘The First Responders’. The filming was very comfortable because we had already known each other through previous movies and dramas. I think that’s why we were able to show better acting”.

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Was it thanks to his comic talk and dynamic action acting? Kang Ki Dong won Best Supporting Actor at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards. He smiled shyly and said, “My father drives a taxi and he bragged to young customers about me. Not long ago, an article about my Best Supporting Actor award was published in the daily newspaper in Jeju. My father hung it in our neighborhood. My childhood friends took a picture and sent it to me.”

Kang Ki Dong, who was born in 1987, the Year of the Rabbit, shared, “I want to receive lots of energy this year and share that energy with fans. I also want to greet everyone through not only dramas but also entertainment programs.”

Source: Daum

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