Published handwritten letter: “Jang Jayeon incident”,“My death is the revenge” “I envy the suicided seniors”

Jang Jayeon’s incident is drawing attention. Her handwritten letter has been published lately, which showed her anger and the dark side of the entertainment industry.

PD Notebook”, a MBC current affairs and culture program aired on July 31, unveiled an interview with Cho Hyunoh in the police office in its 2rd part.

In “PD Notebook”, Cho Hyunoh talked about the investigation of the Jang Jayeon case while serving as the chief of the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency: “I can’t help feeling burdened. First of all, I felt my personal sense of shame and humiliation.”

Also, “The head of the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency handled the case poorly that it became a governmental burden.” – Cho said, remembered protesting at the Chosun Ilbo very harshly. “They threatened me while talking about the regime, and I felt a serious threat to the regime, even to the extent that it could move back and forth because of me. ‘We Chosun Ilbo can create the government, and can also dissolute it’

He then mentioned the Chosun Ilbo social director: “I don’t remember exactly, but I think I came here more than once, about two or three times. I remember protesting harshly with the opinion that the names of Chosun Ilbo presidents, who were irrelevant and not guilty, should not be mentioned”.

In the letter, Jang Jayeon said, “I was forced to be a sex bribe to 31 people for about 100 times”, “If I change into new clothes, I must meet other demons again”.

There were more celebrities besides me. Both A and B, both senior and junior, were forced to take the position they did not want. Some of them wanted to become celebrities. They were such tearless, bloodless people.” – Jang said next in the letter.
Before deciding to commit suicide in March 2009, I was forced to serve alcohol and offer sex for 31 people 100 times”, “I envy the senior entertainers who killed themselves earlier”.

Furthermore, “Even when I die, I will definitely seek revenge in hell” – Jang Jayeon showed her anger.

Sources: Nate

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