Psy and Former Crayon Pop’s Soyul Deny Drug Use Rumors Amidst Industry Turmoil

As the Korean entertainment industry grapples with the recent drug allegations against Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon, several other figures have found themselves under suspicion of drug use.

On October 26th, both P-Nation, the management company for Psy, and TN Entertainment, which represents Soyul, issued statements to the media, denying any involvement in the ongoing drug scandal. 

G-Dragon psy

They firmly declared that the rumors connecting their artists to these allegations are baseless, vowing to take legal action if such rumors persist.

Unfounded claims of various celebrities, including Park Sun Joo, Psy, and Soyul, among others, being involved in drug-related activities have circulated widely, causing significant damage.


Given the gravity of the ongoing drug investigation and the potential harm these rumors can inflict on the reputation of those involved, management companies are gearing up for quick responses to protect their artists.

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