Profile of Wealthy Thai Woman Park Yoochun is Dating with Plans to Get Married

Park Yoochun’s girlfriend turns out to be a successful cosmetics company CEO

The woman Park Yoochun is in a relationship with is the daughter of a high-ranking Thai government official and the CEO of a successful cosmetics company.

On November 3rd, it was reported that Park Yoochun is dating a Thai woman with the intention of marriage while actively participating in activities in Thailand.

Park Yoochun has been in a serious relationship with the attractive businesswoman for over a year. Given their serious commitment to marriage, it is expected that Park Yoochun will settle in Thailand and continue his career there.

Park Yoochun’s girlfriend launched a skincare brand business at the end of last year and has been using Park Yoochun as the brand’s official model since August. 

Park Yoochun has shared updates about his life through various photos and videos on the brand’s official social media accounts.

The couple has not shied away from publicly displaying their affection for each other at official events.

The two met after collaborating on the cosmetics business as a model and CEO and developed feelings for each other. Park Yoochun’s girlfriend has been a fan of Hallyu culture in general and Park Yoochun in particular for some time.

Park Yoochun’s girlfriend comes from a wealthy family with an estimated fortune of approximately 38 trillion won. She belongs to the top 0.1% of Thai society, and her family is known for its high social status beyond their well-known business.

Park Yoo-chun

The father of Park Yoochun’s girlfriend is a former judge and former Minister of Justice in Thailand and currently holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister in Thailand. He is one of the most respected families in Thailand and is known to possess a substantial fortune, as previously mentioned, estimated at around 38 trillion won.

In 2019, Park Yoochun faced drug-related charges in April and was sentenced to 10 months in prison with a 2-year probation in July of the same year. He was subsequently released. 

At that time, he apologized for his involvement in drug use and expressed his intention to retire from the entertainment industry, but later, he changed his mind and made a comeback, continuing his activities domestically and internationally from January 2020 onwards.

Source: wikitree 

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