Premarital pregnancy rumor → their father’s political opinion controversy… Kim Yuna and Go Woo-rim are receiving too much attention before their marriage

“Figure skating queen” Kim Yuna and Forestella’s youngest member Go Woo-rim have been involved in various rumors even before their marriage.

It seems like there is too much gossip about the wedding of world-famous sports star Kim Yuna. Pointing out that her boyfriend Go Woo-rim is 5 years younger than Kim Yuna since he was born in 1995 and hasn’t fulfilled his military service yet, they raised speculations that the reason the two rushed to get married was “premarital pregnancy”.

Kim yuna Ko Wo Rim

In response, Kim Yuna’s agency released a short but decisive position, saying “Premarital pregnancy rumors are groundless”.

In addition to rumors of premarital pregnancy, the couple had to suffer from another controversy. It is an issue related to Pastor Go Kyung-soo, Go Woo-rim’s father who will soon become Kim Yuna’s father-in-law.

Pastor Go Kyung-soo, who runs the Daegu Migrant Mission Center, has been confidently speaking out on political issues. 

Pastor Go participated in the declaration of people calling for the resignation of former President Lee Myung-bak when former President Roh Moo-hyun died in 2009. In 2013, he criticized the National Intelligent Service (NIS)’s election intervention in the 18th Presidential Election and agreed to urge the resignation of former President Park Geun-hye.

go woo rim kim yu

At the time of the 2012 Presidential Election, Paster Go was named on the list of people supporting the candidates from Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party. In addition, he also supported Lee Jae-myung, a candidate from the Democratic Party, in the recent 20th Presidential Election.

Kim Yuna has maintained her neutral position on political issues. Despite numerous situations in which she was disadvantaged by the government, she stayed stronger than the forces that tried to shake her.

People who have been Kim Yuna’s fans for a long time are voicing their concerns about whether she will be involved in politics. In other words, Kim Yuna, who has been distant herself from politics during her active years as well as after her retirement, could be affected by her father-in-law. 

go woo rim kim yuna

As an Olympic gold medalist sports star, anything about Kim Yuna can become a hot topic. The public interest surrounding Kim Yuna and her family is called the “fate of celebrities”. 

However, news that started from rumors is bound to affect the couple negatively even before their marriage. In particular, pregnancy speculation has been so common that stars must go through it at least once after announcing their marriage.

Adult man and woman meeting each other and forming a relationship is nothing special. The fact that Go Woo-rim’s military problem has yet to be solved through his activities in the entertainment industry and graduate school should not the main reason for the ‘premarital pregnancy’ rumor. 

go woo rim kim yuna

It doesn’t matter who Go Woo-rim’s father supports and who he doesn’t. Go Woo-rim is the public figure, not his father. It is somewhat unreasonable to raise controversy over the political tendency of an ordinary citizen.

Public attention, which started with affection for Kim Yuna and Go Woo-rim, has now crossed the line to the point that it is quite frustrating. The two are being called out to the center of attention for being public figures through gossip and rumors ranging from pregnancy to family members’ political opinions. At this point, should fans and netizens become less enthusiastic about the couple’s personal information before they take their first step as a married couple?

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