P-NATION’s new trainee who is about to debut caused controversy because he is too young

“He’s the same age as my son!” – a netizen commented.

The final round of SBS audition show “LOUD” selected 2 new boy groups for JYP and P-Nation through the votes of the audience.

Among the winners of P-Nation appeared Tanaka Koki, born in 2009 (circled in red), the dance genius Krump from Japan, 13 years old from Korea, 12 years old internationally. Despite being very young, this boy has won the World Krump Championship four times.

Tanaka Koki
Tanaka Koki
Tanaka Koki

There is much controversy surrounding this boy. Even if he doesn’t debut right away but prepares for another 1-2 years, Koki is still only 14-15 years old, a very young age to learn how to deal with the pitfalls of public opinion. However, it is possible that Tanaka Koki will have to debut immediately because this is a group that came out of an audition show, if left for too long, it may affect the popularity of the group. Even the height and appearance when Koki stands with the “hyungs” in the group can clearly see the difference (the remaining “hyungs” were born between 2002 – 2005).

Of course, if he can’t debut now even though he has a high vote, the show will be immediately considered cheating. This is why netizens have many concerns about limitations in the group’s activities when members are too young. Many people think that the program should have been age-restricted in the first place, to avoid cases like this happening.

However, now, the future of this talented trainee is unknown. If they debut, I hope this group will be successful!

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