Overcoming hard times with tattoos, Nana successfully presents a new image as an actress through “Mask Girl”

Actress Nana draws attention with a new character transformation in “Mask Girl” after removing her full-body tattoos.

Released on August 18th, Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl” tells about Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul, Nana, Go Hyun Jung), an ordinary office worker with an appearance complex who gets caught up in an unexpected incident while working as an Internet broadcasting BJ every night with her face covered by a mask. Nana appeared in this drama as the second Kim Mo Mi, who finally shows off her face after undergoing plastic surgery and lives as a showgirl Arumi.


Many viewers consider Nana’s portrayal of Kim Mo Mi the most intense among the three, pouring compliments for her outstanding visual and acting skills. Nana’s Kim Mo Mi looks completely different from the first Kim Mo Mi before plastic surgery but she still has to maintain the main features of the character. Nana leads the story well with her delicate expressions of Kim Mo Mi’s emotions.

The black-and-white scenes in the prison show Nana perfectly portraying the persistent and crazy characteristic of Kim Mo Mi, which explains the bold and shocking behaviors of Kim Mo Mi played by Go Hyun Jung in the second half of the drama.


Nana has gradually been gaining acting experience and building her filmography by starring in various works. She gained recognition for her potential after working on the movie “Confession” and the series “Glitch”. While her popularity was rising significantly, the stress stood in front of the public with full-body tattoos, raising curiosity and sparking numerous speculations

In August last year, Nana made headlines as she attended the press conference of “Confession” with tattoos all over her body, including her shoulders, arms, collarbone, chest, thighs, ankles, feet, etc. Later, the actress addressed the controversy over her tattoos at the press conference of “Glitch”, saying “I did not get tattoos because of my character. I got them because I wanted to do it.”


However, Nana recently appeared on the web variety show “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” and confessed the real reasons why she got those tattoos. Nana said, “My mom carefully asked me and said she wants to see my clean body”, adding “The moment I put on the tattoo was when I had a hard time before. I think that was the way I expressed my emotions. Some people might think I’m dealing with emotion in an ignorant manner. I think tattoo was the only way to express my feeling at that time”.

Revealing that she was thinking of removing all the tattoos, Nana shared,  “I have no difficulty in removing the tattoo. As time passes by, I got so much better and looked comfortable”.


Nana got her tattoos during her hard time, and it seems like she has overcome it and begun to move on with a new image. Noticing that Nana has improved a lot in acting and widened her spectrum during that time, many viewers believe that she has successfully grown both outside and inside.

Source: Nate

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