“On The Edge” production team, “The movie will be released regardless of Park Yoo-chun’s failure in returning to entertainment activities. He will not join the promotion”

As Park Yoo-chun’s attempt to return to the entertainment industry failed, a red light was turned on for the release of his new movie. In this regard, “On The Edge” team cautiously revealed their stance.

On September 28th, an official from the production team of “On The Edge” (directed by Kim Si-woo) said to Seoul Economy Star, “The rejection of Park Yoo-chun’s application for canceling the ban on his entertainment and broadcasting activities is unlikely to affect the release of the work. However, Park Yoo-chun will not participate in the promotion.”

They continued, “We’re watching the situation regarding the cinema release of the movie. We will need to discuss this more with the distributor”, adding “If it is not possible, we will immediately consider releasing it as VOD”.

On September 27th, the 50th Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Central District Court reject Park Yoo-chun’s application for cancellation of the provisional disposition against Have Fun Together (formerly “Yespera”). When the conflict between him and his former agency Re:Cielo broke out last year, Park Yoo-chun also entered a legal battle with Yespera on the transferring of management rights.

The Seoul District Court cited Yespera’s application for banning Park Yoo-chun from appearing on broadcasts and Park Yoo-chun’s entertainment activities were legally suspended.

In response, Park Yoo-chun applied for the cancellation of the provisional disposition to continue carrying out his activities in the entertainment industry, but the court reportedly rejected it.

As this news was reported, attention naturally focused on Park Yoo-chun’s comeback film “On The Edge”, which is scheduled to premiere in October. Regardless of Park Yoo-chun’s failure in returning to the entertainment industry, “On The Edge” is stepping up preparations for the movie release by unveiling the main trailer on the same day.

The trailer shows Tae-hong (Park Yoo-chun), who was once a successful doctor but lost everything in an incident, together with the phrase “A man who fell into the abyss in an instant, suggesting that each character to be released in turn has their own story. 

Meanwhile, “On The Edge” won Best Male Actor at the 2021 U.S Las Vegas Asian Film Awards, Best Screenplay at the BCIFF in France, as well as Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture at the Swedish BIFF Awards. 

Source: daum

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