NewJeans is “the fastest rising Kpop act on the planet”, said W Magazine 

Media outlet W Magazine said that NewJeans may seize the Kpop throne with BTS’ absence and BLACKPINK’s solo focus. 

On May 17th (local time), media outlet W Magazine published a pictorial of girl group NewJeans, along with an accompanying article and interview. 


In particular, W Magazine started their article by mentioning BTS’ hiatus due to military service, adding that BLACKPINK is “serving Destiny’s Child déjà vu” due to Jisoo’s solo, before concluding that NewJeans is “poised to seize the Kpop throne”.

On top of this, W Magazine described NewJeans as “the fastest rising Kpop act on the planet”, and mentioned the group’s Spotify streams as well as first week records on the Billboard charts. 


“The fact that they are being mentioned in the same breath as the biggest K-acts on the planet is all the more remarkable considering that NewJeans’ first single, ‘Attention’, debuted only last summer. But over the past year, the teen quintet—Minji, 19; Hanni and Danielle, 18; Haerin, 17; and Hyein, 15—has rapidly become one of South Korea’s brightest cultural exports. Hits like ‘OMG’, ‘Ditto’, and ‘Cookie’ are bilingual blends of Total Request Live–era R&B, old-school Baltimore club beats, and angelic harmonies”, the media wrote, adding, “Rolling Stone called NewJeans ‘the group of the moment’.”

According to W Magazine, it is known that the NewJeans will make their “Stateside festival debut” at Lollapalooza in Chicago, proving their immense popularity.

Source: W Magazine

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