“If they wear something, it becomes the trend,” Which idol has the best fashion sense?

Which idol is the best in the world in terms of fashion?

These idols sing well, dance well, and are talented while their fashion is undeniably perfect.

Idol fashion is always a hot topic from head to toe. Just by being worn on an idol star’s body, information about that item including which brand it is from and released in which season will immediately be uploaded online. Not only do idols lead the newest trend, but outdated items are also revived as trendy items by them.

As idols and K-pop enters the world market, their performance in the fashion industry is also notable. Idols with excellent fashion sense are often listed as ambassadors for famous fashion brands. Their activities to enhance the brand’s image beyond just models that promote the brand are hard to ignore. Even foreign luxury brands, known for their high requests, are keen to recruit K-pop idols to be their ambassador of to walk for their shows as a must-win card to boost sales.

Daily Sports and MuBeat will present an exciting vote on fashion in the new Weekly Choice. Under the theme of “The idol with the best fashion sense?” we will take time to ask global fans which idol’s styling intrigues them.

Weekly Choice of “The Idol With the Best Fashion Sense is” can be participated on the global K-pop platform “Mubeat” from 5 p.m. on May 12th to 3 p.m. on May 18th (KST).

Celebrities who topped the Weekly Choice vote of “Daily Sports X Mubeat” will be given advertisements on Daily Sports and MV-in app pop-up advertisements on Mubeat.

Below are the candidates for “The Idol With the Best Fashion Sense” (in alphabetical order).

▲ Kangmin (VERIVERY) ▲ Ahn Yu-jin (IVE) Johnny (NCT) Jennie (BLACKPINK) Jo Seung-yeon (WOODZ)Chae-ryeong (ITZY)Key (SHINee) Hyungwon (MONSTA X)Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) Hwang Min-hyun.

Source: entertain.v.daum.net

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