New Jeans talks debuting on Hot 100, what they did with their first salary, affection for families, and more 

New Jeans members shared their feelings about entering the Billboard chart “Hot 100” and affection for their family.

New Jeans appeared as a guest on SBS Radio Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on January 19th. New Jeans talked about their outstanding achievements after 6 months of debut and honest stories about their families.

Regarding entering the US Billboard’s main chart “Hot 100”, New Jeans said, “We couldn’t believe it. It feels so amazing and we are very grateful.” 


According to the latest chart released by Billboard, on January 18th, New Jeans’ single “Ditto” from their latest album “OMG” debuted at No.96 on the main single chart “Hot 100”. This is a result achieved within 6 months of New Jeans’ debut. “OMG” also achieved good results by topping Billboard’s “Bubbling Under Hot 100”.

This record is the shortest period among K-pop artists. Talking about this, the members expressed their gratitude to the fans who love New Jeans’ music, saying, “We are beyond thankful.”

New Jeans is garnering good responses not only in Korea but also in the global market. The members talked about the moment when they realized their popularity. Danielle said, “Thank you so much to the people around us who love us and always support us. When we stand on stage, we are surprised every time we hear the loud cheers.”


Minji said, “When I hear our songs playing while walking on the streets, then I get a bit surprised. I thought, ‘Our song is playing’.” Hyein confessed, “We had a performance abroad a while ago. Seeing that even people from far away were singing our songs, I thought I should work harder.”

New Jeans is known to have gotten paid within two months of their debut. Regarding this, Danielle said, “I bought presents for my parents and family.” Minji said, “I gave my parents sneakers. I don’t have much time to rest yet.” Hanni and Haerin also drew attention by saying that they bought gifts for their siblings. 


Hyein said, “I bought a keyring worth 90,000 won. I love having a key ring on my bag.” 

The members talked about their families as the Lunar New Year holiday is ahead. Minji said of her Lunar New Year plan, “I think I will spend time with my parents and younger sister. I also have an older brother but he is in the army. My younger sister is very cute and I heard she became the class president. So I feel proud.” 

Source: Daum. 

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