Netizens were shocked knowing Lee Jung Jae was pretending to eat in “Squid Game” and praised his natural acting skill

On September 23, an SNS post about Lee Jung Jae’s acting skill in “Squid Game” has attracted great attention.

It was the scene when he acted like he was eating. He didn’t put the food in his mouth, but no one noticed it because his acting looked so natural. The short video released together with the post showed the scene when Lee Jung Jae was holding a lunch box in his hand. The camera angle focused on the two-shot cut of Lee Jung Jae’s right shoulder and Il Nam (Oh Young Soo). In this scene, Lee Jung Jae was supposed to take a full spoon of rice and put it in his mouth. However, it was caught on the camera that his spoon was empty.


In response to the video, netizens left their comments, “I was fooled”, “Why didn’t I realize this when I watched the movie?”, “His acting is amazingㅋㅋ”, “Did he know this?”

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” tells the story of people who risk their lives participating in a mysterious survival game in order to win the prize money of 45.6 billion won.

The drama continues to draw explosive responses and gain great fame as it recently became the first Korean series to rank No.1 on Netflix’s “Today’s Top 10” in the U.S.

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