“My Liberation Notes” Lee Ki Woo is getting married to a non-celebrity today (September 24th)

Actor Lee Ki Woo is getting married with a non-celebrity in a small wedding in Jeju today. 

On September 24th, Lee Ki Woo posted a photo on his Instagram story with the caption “D-DAY”. In the published photo, Lee Ki Woo’s dog, Teddy, was smiling happily, as if reflecting the feelings of Lee Ki Woo ahead of his marriage. Previously on the 23rd, Lee Ki Woo wrote on Teddy’s dedicated Instagram, “Oh, the weather is nice~” and left a fluttering heart.

Back on August 23rd, Lee Ki Woo announced through his agency that he will hold a wedding in September. In particular, the agency told Star News, “Lee Ki Woo is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend in Jeju Island in September.” Nothing is known about Lee Ki Woo’s prospective bride, except that she is younger than the actor.

Lee Ki Woo’s wedding is held privately in Jeju Island, with only family members and close acquaintances.

Last month, the actor also uploaded a handwritten letter on his Instagram, which announced his marriage news and said, “Several years ago, I met a wise and just person who deeply resonated with me. She is a person who is not stingy with sharing and knows the reward of giving. When encountering the weak, she warmly lends her hand without hesitation. She is a person who tries to live a righteous life rather than one that is well off.”

The letter also expressed Lee Ki Woo’s gratitude to fans and his well wishes.

On the same day, Lee Ki Woo also posted on the Instagram account dedicated to his dog, which recalls the story of his bride-to-be and adopting the abandoned dog Teddy. From Teddy’s point of view, Lee Ki Woo wrote, “I think it’s time to tell the hidden story of that day.. It was January 3, 2021, when an unusually heavy snow and cold wave prevailed over the winter of that year. Here, I met good-natured human beings while wandering between the corners of the mountain and private houses of Daejeon without my parents and siblings, and took temporary protection for a while.”

He also added, “At that time, there was a human who ran at once after hearing my news. They was so tall and had unusually warm hands. At the first meeting, there was another human who carefully put me on their lap and came all the way to Seoul. That’s the owner of the knee in this picture. They are the human who always compare themselves to a human tripod and take most of the pictures of me and the tall human.”

Finally, the perspective of Teddy said, “Now, I decided to be together with the human tripod and the tall human regardless of whether we were happy or sad…. I hope you are happy, tall human.”

Lee Ki Woo has been posting pictures with Teddy on his Instagram for a long time, and he revealed that the person who took the pictures was his girlfriend. Lee Ki Woo revealed through Teddy’s account that the time he adopted Teddy was January 3rd, 2021. According to Teddy’s writing, Lee Ki Woo and his bride-to-be had been dating before that, and Lee Ki Woo also mentioned “a few years ago” in his marriage announcement. 

Meanwhile, Lee Ki Woo made his debut in the 2003 K-drama “The Classic” in 2003, and recently received love as Jo Tae Hoon in the recently ended JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes”. The actor is now reviewing his next project.

Source: daum

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