Most tweeted K-content on Twitter in 2021: BTS, Squid Game, Kim Yeon-kyung, etc.

Twitter analyzed tweets posted from January 1st to November 15th this year using Global Data and domestic Sometrend Data (provided by VAIVcompany) and released the “2021 #OnlyOnTwitter” on December 10th.

BTS Butter

According to Twitter, the 21st century’s pop icon BTS (@BTS_twt) was honored as the “most tweeted person in the world” for the 5th year consecutively.

In particular, 3 of the ‘most retweeted’ posts in the world were confirmed as BTS-related tweets. The No.1 tweet was the one in which BTS expressed their opposition to racism and Asian Hate. The second-ranking tweet was from Billboard Chart when they released BTS’s “Butter” topping the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks. The 3rd most retweeted one was from the Grammy Awards account announcing news of BTS’s performance. In addition, Jungkook’s tweet, which was his photo, ranked No.2 in the list of “tweets that received the most likes in the world”.

2021 top k-pop artist worldwide

Twitter also unveiled the 2021 Top 10 Most Tweeted KPOP Artist In The World: #1 BTS (@BTS_twt), #2 NCT (@NCTsmtown), #3 EXO (@weareoneEXO), #4 BLACKPINK (@BLACKPINK), #5 TREASURE (@treasuremembers), #6 Enhypen (@ENHYPEN_members), #7 Seventeen (@pledis_17), #8 TXT (@TXT_members), #9 ATEEZ (@ATEEZofficial), #10 Stray Kids (@Stray_Kids)

As Korean dramas and entertainment have recently gained huge attention from global fans, K-content can also be found in the Top 10 Most Tweeted TV Programs in The World. In particular, Netflix’s original series Squid Game, which topped the global chart for the longest time in Netflix history, ranked No.3. Meanwhile, BTS’s reality show “BTS In the Soop” ranked No.8.

Kim Yeon-kyung

In addition, Korean sports-related conversations centering around the Tokyo Olympics also took place actively on Twitter, and South Korean athletes also appeared in the Top 5 Most Tweeted Female Sports Athletes In The World. In particular, world-class volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung (@kimyk10) topped the list. In addition, Ansan from the national archery team, who won 3 gold medals at the 2020 Summer Olympics, ranked 5th place in the list.

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