Most disappointing K-drama actress recently: gorgeous but repetitive, poor dialogue delivery 

This K-drama actress is receiving criticisms for “always playing the same role” and delivering her lines ineffectively 

OTT streaming platform Netflix recently released a new K-drama series called “The Fabulous”, which revolves around young adults in the fashion industry who dedicated everything to their career. After being postponed due to certain Halloween scenes, the series was finally revealed on December 23rd, drawing attention. 

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In “The Fabulous”, actress Chae Soo Bin assumes the role of female lead Pyo Ji Eun, who has dreamed of working in fashion since a young age. Now, she’s living her dream as the PR manager of a luxury brand, and though she has to work hard in an extremely dynamic and competitive environment, Ji Eun always boasts a lively and positive spirit. 

The Fabulous

Unfortunately, despite this bright role, Chae Soo Bin is receiving negative feedback for once again “playing the same character”. Several audiences commented that while she’s a decent actress, Chae Soo Bin lacks versatility and never steps out of her comfort zone. They pointed out that in her previous projects “Rookie Cops”, “A Piece of Your Mind”, “I’m Not a Robot”, and “My Catman”, the actress always transforms into happy-go-lucky, hardworking, and positive protagonists. 

Chae Soo Bin
Chae Soo Bin
Chae Soo Bin

Chae Soo Bin does a decent job, but she lacks versatility, said netizens. 

At the same time, many people also complain about how Chae Soo Bin delivers her dialogue in “The Fabulous”. According to them, the actress is always raising her voice regardless of her character’s emotions, leading to her being “shouty”. 

The Fabulous

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Chae Soo Bin’s acting is disappointing… She’s always repeating her roles and her voice feels as if she’s in a fight
  • I hope that Chae Soo Bin will switch up her character once in a while 
  • Everything is good except for Chae Soo Bin’s voice… if only she can fix that 
  • The drama is decent, but there’s nothing too special about it 
  • The chemistry between the main couple are great, but I feel like I’m being shouted at by the female lead 

Source: k14 

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