Only 3 groups from the 3rd generation are in the June 2018’s Most awarded Kpop boy groups chart

Meanwhile, the 2nd generation boygroups dominate the ranking and take the most important places once again.

With any artist or idol group, every award, even whether they are big or small, domestic or international, is always important achievements, like a reward for their endless efforts. However, depending on the number of active years and popularity of each group and artist, the number of awards they have achieved is different.
Recently, a SNS account has summed up the number of awards that Kpop boygroups have achieved in their careers up to now. This list includes awards from the big award shows (both domestic and international), the cups from music shows and even the achievements that their unit groups or solo members got. With all the datas they get, the account has sorted them into a ranking of most awarded Kpop boygroups (as of 6/2018).
As we can see, it was once again the extreme dominance of the 2nd-gen boygroups in the ranking. Among the top 5, there are already 4 places which belong to the most popular 2nd-gen boygroups including Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee and TVXQ. In particular, Big Bang takes the first place again with 387 awards, 65 ones more than the runner up.
Big Bang fans are extremely angry at YG’s decision because they always support all the five members.
With fewer active years compared the seniors, it isn’t surprising that the 3rd-gen boygroups seem to be out of place in this list. Only 3 boygroups from 3rd-gen have made it to the top 15, in which EXO makes it to the top 5 and even wins the second place. BTS and GOT7 also make their fans proud when they take 6th and 15th places, despite the fact that they have been active for just 4-5 years.
If we classify them into companies, SM Entertainment has practically owned the ranking when 4 out of 5 boygroups under their label (excluding NCT) have won 4 places in the top 5. In addition, Shinhwa, another former group from SM (they left the company in 2003), also made it to the 8th place in the ranking.
Here we have the full ranking of the top 15 most awarded Kpop boygroups (up to June 2018):
1. Big Bang
Debut year: 2006
Total awards: 387 awards
2. EXO
Debut year: 2012
Total awards: 322 awards
3. Super Junior
Debut year: 2005
Total awards: 296 awards
4. SHINee
Debut year: 2008
Total awards: 144 awards
Debut year: 2003
Total awards: 131 awards
6. BTS
Debut year: 2013
Total awards: 130 awards
7. Highlight (formerly BEAST)
Debut year: 2009
Total awards: 117 awards
8. Shinhwa
Debut year: 1998
Total awards: 102 awards
9. 2PM
Debut year: 2008
Total awards: 102 awards
10. CNBlue
Debut year: 2009
Total awards: 95 awards
Debut year: 2010
Total awards: 87 awards
12. g.o.d
Debut year: 1999
Total awards: 75 awards
13. Sechs Kies
Debut year: 1998
Total awards: 69 awards
14. VIXX
Debut year: 2012
Total awards: 56 awards
15. GOT7
Debut year: 2014
Total awards: 56 awards
Note: Since these datas are valid so far (around the first half of June 2018), it’s possible that the ranking would change quickly in just a few months. Especially when the “End-of-Year” award season of Kpop is coming as well as the popular groups start to promote their new comebacks on music shows.
Congratulations to all the boygroups who have been honored in this ranking!

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