Moon Geun-young: being bored, the Nation’s Little Sister went to get a tattoo

Moon Geun-young revealed her recent situation through a selfie with surprising tattoos on her neck and arms.

Specifically, on the afternoon of the 28th, the actress posted two photos on her Instagram with the words, “Ki ya #Whenbored #Playwithtattoo #Day2140.”

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The photos show Moon Geun-young took a selfie in a dark space, her neat beauty stood out with her bright eyes.

Most of all, Moon Geun-young caught the attention with the tattoos she had on her neck and arms, especially the tattooed text: “Please let me keep this memory, don’t ever leave me” said to refer to the dialogue from one of her favorite movie.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun-young ended her exclusive contract with Namoo Actors, the agency she had been with for 16 years, and came out to the free agency market in September of last year. She appeared in the tvN drama ‘Catch the Ghost’ in 2019, and is currently reviewing her next work.

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