Moon Chae Won discusses friendship with Lee Joon Gi, “Flower of Evil” group chat still active

Actress Moon Chae Won expressed her gratitude for the close relationship with Lee Joon Gi and other members of the drama “Flower of Evil”.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Payback”, which ended on February 11th, is a thrilling story which follows money trader Eun Yong (Lee Sun Kyun) and former prosecutor Park Joon Kyung, who fight against a money cartel that colluded with the law. 

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In this series, Moon Chae Won took on the role of Park Joon Kyung, a former prosecutor and military judicial officer who sought revenge after her mother’s death. While filming for the past six months, the actress took off her existing lovely image and tried to transform into a new character, receiving favorable reviews from viewers. “Payback” itself also recorded a final audience rating of 11.1% with a well-written and memorable ending.

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As “Payback” concluded,Moon Chae Won expressed her gratitude to the people around her and her colleagues who supported the K-drama. In particular, cast members of the tvN drama “Flower of Evil”, which Moon Chae Won appeared in in 2020, were mentioned.

According to the actress, she maintains a strong relationship with “Flower of Evil” co-star Lee Joon Gi, who she also worked with in “Criminal Minds”, and was in the same agency with her. 

Moon Chae Won, Lee Joon Gi, and many others, also recently released photos from the year-end meeting of the “Flower of Evil” team on their SNS accounts. “Even though it’s been quite a long time since the work ended, case members gather together and build friendships. No one argues with each other and we all maintain a good relationship. Our group chat is alive“, Moon Chae Won said. 

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There was also an episode that occurred when the “Flower of Evil” team watched the first broadcast of “Payback”. In particular, Moon Chae Won revealed, “I monitored everyone’s reaction in the group chat during the first episode (of ‘Payback’), but I didn’t know that Park Joon Kyung barely appeared in the first episode. I only made my first appearance 50 minutes after the drama started, and remembered saying ‘It’s finally here’”. 

“Everyone laughed”, she said, adding that she was really grateful for the “Flower of Evil” team, who keenly and affectionately looked for her brief scene.

Source: Nate

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