Lim Ji Yeon’s jjajangmyeon eating scene in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” sparks controversy over gender conflict 

As Lim Ji Yeon’s jjajangmyeon eating scene went viral, interest in Genie TV’s original drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” also increases.

Starring Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” (directed by Jung Ji Hyun) aired its first episode on June 19th and received explosive reactions. 

Lim Ji Yeon

In the recent broadcast, Lim Ji Yeon’s character Chu Sang Eun, who is in the fifth month of her pregnancy, receives the news that her violent husband Kim Yoon Beom (Choi Jae Rim) has died. After leaving the police station, she immediately goes to a Chinese restaurant and orders a nice meal, including jjajangmyeon, sweet and sour pork, fried dumplings, and coke. She hurriedly puts all the food into her mouth as if she is afraid that someone might steal it. Sang Eun’s relieved and comfortable expression when gaining deliberation after suffering domestic violence for years drew sympathy from viewers.

Lim Ji Yeon’s jjajangmyeon eating scene spread widely on social media. The combination of jjajangmyeon, sweet and sour pork and fried dumplings that Lim Ji Yeon ordered in the drama emerged as a trend under the title “husband’s death meal”. Many netizens ordered similar sets and posted on SNS, saying “My dinner menu is the ‘husband’s death meal”, “I couldn’t help but order it right away”, etc.

lim ji yeon

Amid the popularity of the “husband’s death meal”, some people look at the jjajangmyeon scene with unpleasant eyes and raised complaints. In particular, negative reactions mostly come from male netizens. They point out that the phrase “husband’s death meal” makes them feel uncomfortable, raising the issue of gender conflict. In addition, there are comments criticizing the broadcaster for using the phrase “husband’s death meal” as a promotional method.

It would be great if that word-of-mouth helps the drama become popular among netizens and leads to favorable reviews. However, if it only causes more controversies to arise with provocative content, viewers’ immersion in the story might get broken. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, which is receiving compliments as a well-made thriller, will grab the opportunity and captivate more viewers with the word-of-mouth effect or fall into crisis.

Source: Daum

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