Lee Yi-kyung and Na In-woo don’t participate in wrap-up interviews for “Marry My Husband”, what’s the reason?

Actors Lee Yi-kyung and Na In-woo have unfortunately decided not to share behind-the-scenes stories of the drama

Their wrap-up interviews for tvN’s “Marry My Husband” have ultimately been canceled. This is causing even greater disappointment as the show garnered high viewership ratings and sparked discussions

“Marry My Husband” is a drama about Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young), who was murdered after witnessing her husband’s affair with her best friend. She goes back ten years earlier and begins her second life. The final episode of “Marry My Husband” recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 12%, peaking at 13.7%, securing the top spot in its time slot.

Marry My Husband

Since its first broadcast on January 1st, 2024, the drama has consistently set record-high viewership ratings, topping both TV-OTT comprehensive topicality chart and actor topicality chart for seven consecutive weeks. Moreover, it twice topped the global daily rankings in the TV show category on Amazon Prime Video and reached as high as 2nd place in the monthly rankings, rewriting K-drama history.

Lee Yi-kyung, who played Park Min-hwan, completely shed his image as a variety show personality through “Marry My Husband”. He perfectly portrayed the character Park Min-hwan, who cheats on his girlfriend, is blinded by money, commits adultery even after marriage and exhibits violent and perverted behavior. His acting was enough to provoke the anger of viewers and he received the highest praise as an actor.

na in woo

Similarly, Na In-woo also shed his image as a fool from “1 Night 2 Days”. In “Marry My Husband”, he played Yoo Ji-hyuk, a gentleman full of manners and a devoted lover. Na In-woo received praise for his versatile acting, as his image in entertainment shows and dramas was completely opposite.

The disappointing aspect is that usually when a drama becomes successful, the cast meets with the press for round interviews. However, both actors were absent. There was high anticipation for interviews with the leads of “Marry My Husband” even before it ended, but the two actors ultimately decided not to participate after careful consideration.

lee yi kyung

Lee Yi-kyung’s side cited scheduling conflicts as the reason for his inability to participate, while Na In-woo’s side did not provide a clear answer, stating that there were various reasons. Na In-woo is in a situation where he is preparing to enlist, and he recently left Cube Entertainment to establish his own one-man agency. He seems to be busy setting up the new company perfectly before his enlistment.

Currently, only Park Min-young, Song Ha-yoon and Choi Gyu-ri have completed interviews with the press. As this drama garnered tremendous popularity both domestically and internationally, it is disappointing news for fans of “Marry My Husband”.

Source: Naver

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