Lee Sun-bin mentioned her boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo’s reaction after she had a nosebleed after the shoot 

Actress Lee Sun-bin mentioned her lover Lee Kwang-soo, who is in a public relationship with her.

The latest broadcast of SBS Power FM “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time,” which aired on April 20th, featured actresses Seo Young-hee and Lee Sun-bin of the movie “Air Murder” as guests.

Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo

Regarding the movie “Air Murder,” Lee Sun-bin said, “Because the humidifier disinfectant case is still underway, I was burdened by the idea that I would be deceiving the victims if I didn’t do my job properly,” adding, “If you watch the movie, I look so much like a sick person who lost weight that you would all agree, ‘That is indeed Lee Sun-bin’.”

Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo

Seo Young-hee worriedly said, “Lee Sun-bin bled a lot from her nose in the car as if she could finally relax after all the filming finished.”

Lee Kwang Soo-Lee Sun Bin

DJ Choi Hwa-jung said, “I think your boyfriend would have been so worried,” and asked about Lee Kwang-soo, who is in a relationship Lee Sun-bin, “Does your boyfriend know about that?”

The actress then said, “I think he knows the best,” adding, “We don’t discuss about work, but it must have been obvious to him that I had a lot of concerns. Even all my close friends know about it.”

Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo

“Air Murder” depicts a struggle investigation to reveal the true nature of a fatal disease that appears in spring and disappears in summer. The movie will be released on April 22nd.

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