Lee Kwang-soo will directly mention his romance in Running Man (ft.press conference concept)

SBS “Running Man” producer Lee Hwan-jin posted a new post on his SNS account today (Sep 7).


The members can all be seen in the picture. The atmosphere reminds us of a press conference while there were several microphones in front of the Kwangsoo. It is said that Lee Kwang-soo will personally reveal his relationship with Lee Sun-bin.

In addition to the photo, the producer added some hashtags saying “#Marvelous # PressConference #hahahaha #The_one_who_watch_first_is_the #Winner”.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang-soo‘s romantic relationship with Lee Sun-bin was revealed on March 31st.


Between Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin were a close senior-junior relationship which developed into lovers relationship five months ago.


Netizens response to this photos, “Of course I will watch this Running Man episode right when it’s aired the first time”, “Let’s fill in an hour and a half with a press conference hahaha”, Haha and Kim Jong-kook with their admirable expression cracks me up” and Kwangsoo is the main role today haha” and so on.

Source: Dispatch

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