Lee Jun Ki went viral for looking much younger despite being 2 years older than his acting partner

Now 40 years old, Lee Jun Ki still looks as young as a university student. 

Again My Life”, which recently finished airing, managed to attract great attention and earned notable popularity during its air. However, the series recently went viral again over a scene which featured actors Lee Jun Ki and Hyun Bong Sik. 

In particular, at first glance, many people believed that Hyun Bong Sik is several decades older than Lee Jun Ki. However, as it turns out, they are only 2 years apart, with Hyun Bong Sik being the younger party, as the actor was born in 1984, compared to Lee Jun Ki’s birth year of 1982. Netizens were super shocked at this, and the post soon became a hot topic on the internet. 

Lee Jun Ki went viral
Everyone thought Hyun Bong Sik is from an older generation compared to Lee Jun Ki. 
Lee Jun Ki
However, Lee Jun Ki, born in 1982, is actually older…
…than Hyun bong Sik, who was born in 1984. 

Lee Jun Ki has long been known for his ageless visuals. Despite having entered his 40s, Lee Jun Ki is often praised for looking like he’s in his late 20s. Recently, the actor even managed to convincingly play a university student in “Again My Life”, all thanks to his carb-free diet and regular exercising. 

Born in 1982, Lee Jun Ki has nailed numerous successful works, both on the big and small screen. His notable projects include “The King and The Clown”, “Iljimae”, “Moon Lovers”, “Flower of Evil”, “Lawless Lawyer”, and many others. In addition, Lee Jun Ki is also a prominent singer, having released 8 albums and boasting a beautiful and emotional voice. 

Lee Jun Ki
Lee Jun Ki played an university student in “Again My Life”
Lee Jun Ki
And did not look out of place at all, despite being in his 40s. 
Lee Jun Ki
According to the actor, his youthful look is a result of a carb-free diet and regular exercises. 
Lee Jun Ki
Even in zoomed-in shots published on his SNS, Lee Jun Ki always boasts a youthful visual. 
Lee Jun Ki
Nobody can believe the actor is now 40 years old. 

Source: K14

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