Lee Do Hyun’s new drama “Melancholia” sees a sharp drop in rating and faces negative review

“Melancholia” starring Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung is having a disappointing performance. 

Prior to its broadcast, “Melancholia” was expected to become Lee Do Hyun’s next breakout drama following the success of “Youth Of May”. However, the drama premiered to mixed reviews and witnessed a decline in rating even without fierce competition during its time slot. Specifically, after the first 4 episodes, the average nationwide rating of “Melancholia” dropped from 3.6% to only 1.6%, ending up being a rare tvN’s drama this year with the rating of 1%. 

Melancholia bad rating

In response to the latest episode’s low rating, many Korean viewers have also expressed their displeasure with the drama overall. According to Korean netizens, a teacher-student romance is inherently a sensitive topic, although “Melancholia” tries to portray the feelings between the two main characters in an innocent way, the way the teacher and the student care for and show their “biased” attitude towards each other still makes the audience uncomfortable. Many netizens also claim that the drama’s narrative is offensive and there is no climax after 4 episodes. 

Some comments:

  • The rating dropped to 1% in just 4 episodes, isn’t that too bad?
  • When I first heard the title, I had high expectations for a healing drama about people with mental trauma. But it’s been 4 episodes and the plot is a mess
  • Am I the only one who is annoyed with the drama’s color? Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s yellowish 
  • The drama isn’t bad, but there’s really nothing to keep the viewers hooked. The problem is not the actors but the lack of climax.
  • Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun are famous for choosing good scripts so why did they pick this one???
  • If the storyline were between a professor and a college student, it would be acceptable… But why a high school student? Did Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung not read the script before accepting the offers? 
  • Even if they try to act innocent, I still find it displeasing. 
Melancholia bad rating

However, “Melancholia” has only aired 4 episodes, so there are still opportunities for the rating to increase again, especially in the future episodes, when the male lead becomes an adult. Apart from negative reviews, there are still viewers who appreciate the crew and cast of “Melancholia” for shedding light on a sensitive yet interesting topic: the scandals at a corrupt private school. 

Melancholia bad rating
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