Last part of the YG Family episode on “The Game Caterers 2” to be released today (Mar 4th), high-quality fun awaiting

tvN’s “The Game Caterers 2” will provide the last fun with the YG family.

Part 2 of YG Family episode of “The Game Caterers 2” will be uploaded at 10:30 p.m. today (Mar 4th) (directed by Shin Hyo-jung and Ham Woo-sung). Eun Ji-won (Sechskies), Lee Chan-hyuk (Akdong Musician), Kim Jin-woo, Kang Seung-yoon, Song Min-ho (Winner), Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyung (iKON), Jennie (Black Pink), Choi Hyun-seok, and Ji-hoon (TREASURE) will join to challenge the idol music matching quiz.

The music quiz will be divided into OB teams (Kim Jin-woo, Song Min-ho, Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yoon-hyung, Jennie) and YB teams (Eun Ji-won, Lee Chan-hyuk, Choi Hyun-seok, and Ji-hoon). The winning team of each round will win a prize, and the MVP, who has played the most in this game, will receive a separate benefit.

The Game Caterer

Accordingly, Song Yoon-hyung and other YG family members reportedly showed more active talent and excitement than ever. In particular, whenever music played, they competitively held a dance time, reminiscent of a “dance academy.” From Lee Chan-hyuk‘s extraordinary dance move, who started by dancing shyly, to TREASURE‘s performance, who expressed their confidence as “We do music quizzes every waiting time,” the corner promises a big laugh.

The Game Caterer

The YG family showed perfect excitement until the end of the day, and even draws attention by delivering their thoughts at the end of the episode. Eun Ji-won said, “This is the first time us seniors and juniors have been together, it was a meaningful time.” Song Min-ho said, “It was a very fun shoot with my colleagues.” This predicts the members’ endless excitement and unfinished laughter which can be seen on today’s broadcast.

tvN’s “The Game Caterers 2” will air its last episode at 10:30 p.m. today (Mar 4th). It will be specially organized for 30 minutes, and the full version will be released on YouTube channel “Channel Siboya” after the broadcast.

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