Korean Film Producers Association Award announced results, “Decision to Leave” achieved massive success 

The movie “Decision to Leave” (Director Park Chan Wook) was recognized for its quality at a recent awards ceremony. 

On December 5th, the 9th Korean Film Producers Association Awards announced the winners, and among nominees, “Decision to Leave” became the center of attention. 

In particular, writer Jeong Seo Gyeong and director Park Chan Wook won the Best Screenplay award for the move, which was both well-organized and well-received. 

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Meanwhile, Tang Wei won the Best Actress Award. In “Decision to Leave”, she took on the role of a suspect in her husband’s murder case. Through her mysterious character, the actress pulled off a multi-layered emotional performance through delicate expressions. 

“Decision to Leave” also took home the Best Supporting Actress Award, with Kim Shin Young receiving the prize. In the movie, he appeared as a new junior of the main character, Hae Jun (Park Hae Il), and contributed to the effective development of the story. 

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In addition, the movie was honored with the Lighting Award and the Music Award, which were received by Shin Sang Yeol and Cho Young Wook. Overall, the “Decision to Leave”  achieved a total of 6 awards. 

On the other hand, the winner of Best Director Award is Lee Jung Jae with his directorial debut  “Hunt”. Through the movie, he expressed the process of finding a spy hiding in the character’s organization with tension. It is known that “Hunt” also took home the cinematography, art, and editing awards.


In addition, the best actor award was given to Ma Dong Seok from “The Roundup” (also known as “The Outlaws 2”). The sound and technology awards were given to Kim Seok Won, Kim Eun Hung, Jeong Do Ahn, and Lim Jong Hyeok of “Hansan: Rising Dragon”. 

The Best New Director Award went to Cho Eun Ji, director of “Perhaps Love”. Meanwhile, the Best New Actress Award was won by Kim Hye Yoon of “The Girl on a Bulldozer”.

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Finally, the late Kang Soo Yeon was honored with a Special Achievement Award. Throughout her career, the actress has appeared in more than 30 films, including “The Surrogate Woman”, “Come Come Com Upwward”, and “Juri”. 

As a Korean actress, Kim Soo Yeon paved a path for Korean stars by winning awards at three major international film festivals. Starting with her Best Actress Award at the Venice International Film Festival, she won the Best Actress Award at the Moscow International Film Festival and at the Grand Bell Awards as well. 

Korean Film Producers Association Awards

Finally, the Judges’ Special Award belongs to “6/45”, which pioneered a fresh and trendy comic genre among blockbuster films, and was chosen by many audiences. 

The Korea Film Producers Association Award selected its award-winning works through a vote among the association’s members and the true opinion of the steering committee. The awards ceremony will be held on December 14th at 6pm (KST). 

Source: Dispatch 

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