“Korean Barbie doll” Han Chae Young at the age of 41: Alluring visuals, sexy figure, happily married to ultra-rich husband

Actress Han Chae Young recently made a K-drama comeback after 3 years. 

Han Chae Young, who is dubbed “Korean Barbie doll”, has always impressed the audience with her gorgeous beauty and luxurious aura. Not only is she popular as an actress, Han Chae Young is also famous for her fancy personal life after marrying rich.

Currently, at the age of 41, even after giving birth, Han Chae Young still manages to keep a youthful appearance and stunning figure. Recently, she returned to the small screen after 3 years in Sponsor, where she plays a beautiful and wealthy CEO of a cosmetics company. The classy image of her character happens to be quite similar to Han Chae Young in real life, as she is married to a super-rich businessman. The actress’ husband once made headlines when he reportedly spent a whopping 7 billion won to propose to her.

Since the beginning of her acting career, Han Chae Young has achieved a lot of success and had the opportunity to star in many popular dramas, including Autumn in My Heart, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, Father and Sons, Only You, Boys Over Flowers,… The actress has almost never received any criticism for her acting skills. Therefore, she is always considered as a beautiful and talented actress.

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