Kissing scenes of 4 Korean actors when they were underage that shocked the viewers

Many Korean actors had to shoot intimate scenes with their co-stars even when they were still minors. 

To portray their characters accurately according to the scripts, the following Korean actors and actresses had to film kissing scenes when they were underage. Notably, some of these are not even just pecks on the lips, but deep kisses.

1. Kim Yoo Jung

One of the on-screen kisses featuring underage actors that cause the Korean audience to be taken aback the most belongs to Kim Yoo Jung. When she was only 11 years old, she filmed a kissing scene while lying down with her co-star in the drama “Road No.1”. Later in the same year, she had another kissing scene with a male senior who is 6 years older in “Gumiho: Tale Of The Fox’s Child”. At the age of 17, Kim Yoo Jung continued to spark controversy over her passionate on-screen kisses with Park Bo Gum in “Love in the Moonlight”. The Korea Communications Standards Commission even expressed their concern over this scene in the drama.

kim yoo jung
kim yoo jung
kim yoo jung

2. Sulli

The first on-screen kiss of the late actress/singer Sulli was when she was only 10 years old and starred in the series “Banjun”. The following year when she turned 11, Sulli shot another kissing scene in “Ballad of Seodong”. It can be seen that from a very young age, Sulli was extremely dedicated to her roles.


3. Yeo Jin Gyu

Yeo Jin Gyu filmed intimate scenes with his co-stars several times when he was under 18 years old, but the most shocking one was the on-screen kiss to prove his character’s maturity when the actor was 17 in “Potato Star”. In the sitcom, Yeo Jin Gyu constantly had to shoot a passionate kissing scene with a female senior with a 7-year age gap. This can be considered Yeo Jin Gyu’s first kiss because before that, it only stopped at pecks on the lips. 

Yeo Jin Gyu

4. Baek Seung Do

When he was only 12 years old, Baek Seung Do acted in a serious kissing scene with a 25-year-old actress. In the series “Drama City”, he plays an adult trapped in the body of a boy, so the way he kisses is like an adult. The scene used to be heavily criticized by the Korean public because the female character looks “no different from a pedophile”.

Baek Seung Do
Baek Seung Do
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