Kim Woo Bin “I played ‘king of school’ about 6 times…I want to play a role that can’t fight”

Actor Kim Woo Bin expressed his desire to change his image.

On May 17th, a round interview with Kim Woo Bin, who returned through Netflix’s series “Black Knight”, was held at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Kim Woo Bin said, “I receive various role offers, but I only choose a work if I like its story. I never choose a work because the character looks cool. The same goes for ‘Black Knight’.

Kim Woo Bin

He smilingly added, “I want to play a role that can’t fight. I’m not good at fighting. I played ‘king of school’ about 6 times. I’m always given the role of leader or best fighter in a group. It seems to be because of my appearance. But I’m actually good-for-nothing. I’m waiting for a character like the one I showed you in ‘Twenty’, and I’m always ready. Besides, I’ve never tried professional jobs such as doctor and lawyer. I think I can do well.

Meanwhile, “Black Knight” depicts a dystopian future where extensive air pollution has become a huge problem after a comet destroyed most of the world and forced the people who are still alive to depend on elite delivery drivers for survival. Kim Woo Bin played the role of legendary Knight “5-8” and received favorable reviews.

Source: Daum

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