Kim Hye Soo’s impressive “non-romantic relationships” in K-dramas

Other than romances, K-dramas also portray many other types of relationships, and actress Kim Hye Soo does an excellent job with these. 

Now 52 years old with decades of experience in the industry, Kim Hye Soo no longer takes on K-drama with focus on love stories, and instead focuses on scripts which portray relationships like sisterhood, friendship, or motherhood. Couple with her seasoned skills and brilliant acting performances, below are several examples of Kim Hye Soo in the “non-romantic relationships” of K-drama


Friendship with Kim Hyun Soo – “Familyhood” (2016)

kim hye soo kim hyun soo familyhood

Despite being almost 30 years old apart, Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hyun Soo did not look awkward when playing friends in the comedy film “Familyhood”. At first, there was still some distance between the two, and Kim Hyun Soo’s character addressed Kim Hye Soo’s character likewise, but they later acted like close friends as time passed. “Familyhood” tells the story of 2 women from 2 completely different generations, who support each other in resolving their own issues. 

kim hye soo kim hyun soo familyhood

As both Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hyun Soo are great actresses, their combination also achieves the best quality. In addition, the film focuses on both of the characters instead of one, making them equals – a crucial element in a friendship. This is simply a relationship that exceeds expectations. 

kim hyun soo kim hye soo familyhood

Partnership with Lee Je Hoon & Cho Jin Woon – “Signal” (2016)

lee je hoon - kim hye soo - cho jin woong signal

The combination of Lee Je Hoon – Kim Hye Soo and Cho Jin Woong, who all seeked justice and the truth in “Signal”, can be considered a classic on the Korean small screen. At first, there were misunderstandings and distances, but over the course of the drama, they have reached a mutual ground and work effectively with each other. 

lee je hoon - kim hye soo - cho jin woong signal

While Kim Hye Soo and Cho Jin Woong’s characters had a history in the past, it doesn’t hinder their unlikely partnership in the “present”. Coupled with this is Lee Je Hoon’s character acting as the middle ground, as well as the excellent acting performances of the trio. In fact, the three’s chemistry is good, many viewers wish to see a 2nd season of “Signal”, just to enjoy their partnership again. 

lee je hoon - kim hye soo - cho jin woong signal

Colleagues with Kim Mu Yeol – “Juvenile Justice” (2022) 

If in “Signal”, Kim Hye Soo’s character worked with her co-stars’ to solve cases, then in “Juvenile Justice”, her character and Kim Mu Yeol’s are colleagues that are always butting heads. In fact, while Kim Hye Soo’s character hates juvenile criminals and maintains a stern demeanor, Kim Mu Yeol’s is compassionate, who always believes in second chances. 

Kim Mu Yeol-Juvenile Justice

Despite their conflicting viewpoints, the duo learn to put behind their differences to collaborate, making for great chemistry. Hopefully, “Juvenile Justice” will get a 2nd season, so that fans of the duo and see more interactions between the two. 

Motherhood with Bae In Hyuk – “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” (2022) 

bae in hyuk the queen's umbrella

Kim Hye Soo rarely plays the mother on the small screen, only to become a mother of five in the historical series “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. Unfortunately, her dear son, the Crown Prince (played by Bae In Hyuk) passed away at a young age, leaving behind various expectations and turbulence waiting to unfold. 

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella thumbnail

As they play mother and son, the chemistry between Bae In Hyuk and Kim Hye Soo can sway the toughest hearts. The scene where Queen Im Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) bailed her eyes out at the news of her son’s death was moving to the core, and her love for her son was clearly shown. Now, attention is being focused on the motherhood of the queen with her remaining sons, who she will protect even more fiercely.

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