Kim Hee-chul, “My first love is an animation character… I used to think that I could marry her for real”

Known as a “comic lover”, Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul honestly confessed that his first love was an animation character. 

Youtuber Poongja appeared as a guest on the web entertainment show “Street Alcohol Fighter 2” hosted by Kim Hee-chul on June 30th. 


After asking Poongja about her ideal type, Kim Hee-chul also made a confession about his ideal type. He said “My ideal type was my first love. It’s called Shampoo from a cartoon called ‘Ranma 1/2′” then showed the picture of a Japanese animation character.


Surprised by Kim Hee-chul’s unique ideal type, Poongja sighed, “Your first love is from an animation? Oh my”. 

Upon seeing Poongja’s reaction, Kim Hee-chul then explained by pointing out the charms of Shampoo. Kim Hee-chul said, “When I was in elementary school, I used to think that I could marry her. Her hairstyle is 2 ponytails. She’s cute and sexy. It’s my type, do you get it?”, showing his affection for the character.


After listening to Kim Hee-chul’s story, Poongja said “I feel like throwing up” and made everyone laugh hard as she asked for some hangover beverage. As Poongja couldn’t understand his taste, Kim Hee-chul shouted, “What’s wrong with animation?”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul also mentioned his ideal type last year. He made headlines for saying “I don’t look at the face. I only care for the body”. Explaining his ideal type in detail, Kim Hee-chul said, “I like chubby people. When I was young, I looked really skinny. Isn’t it normal when we are attracted to someone with the opposite style?

Source: insight

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