Kang Hanna’s scandalous statement and the petitions followed

Regarding the controversy of reporter Kang Hanna who is currently working in Japan, there are even petitions made by a lot of Korean, which has attracted a lot of attention.

On the last 29th, on the billboard of Cheongwadae, there was a petition regarding the controversy. The person who started it said “She went to Japan to make money, and now she is badmouthing her own country. I want to ask the government to deprive her of her Korean nationality.” and “Kang Hanna has made money on her own country.

After 130 days and 8 hours, more than 180 people have signed it. However, people are afraid that this case is not worth being made into petitions at all.

Kang Hanna has worked as a reporter since 2001 with programs such as “Every morning in the broadcasting world“, and in 2007 she went to Japan to work as a weather reporter.

She appeared on a Japanese entertainment program and made a scandalous statement “99 out of 100 Korean celebrities have undergone plastic surgery.” She also said, “Whenever i meet my Korean celebrity friends, their faces change.” and that Koreans always hide the fact that they have undergone plastic surgery and also embarrassed to talk about it.

She also said “Whenever producing girlgroups, they always leave out some girls because they are already popular.

The netizens are very angry about her statements, which are said to be exaggerated just to attract attention from Japanese. What do you think about this case?

Sources: osen

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